Sharaka is a Partnership Alliance which was conceived by the Arabia CSR Network during the Arabia CSR Forum 2014 held on October 28th 2014.The idea rose during a discussion in one of the Plenary Sessions revolving on Public Private Partnerships as an imperative for the way forward for sustainable development in the Arab world and beyond. Further to this, a multi-stakeholder platform in the Arab world is required to catalyse, support and document effective partnerships using an evidence-based and multi-stakeholder consultation approach. Given Arabia CSR Network’s pioneering position and history in shaping the Arab region’s sustainability landscape, it is the most suitable candidate for the role. ACSRN has extensive insight and a wide database of Partnerships implemented by private and public organisations across the Arab world who applied for the Arabia CSR Awards. These factors coupled with ACSRN’s deep indigenous knowledge of the region’s sustainability developments and extensive network of experts has positioned it as an ideal custodian of Sharaka.

Click here to view the images of the Sharaka Launch during the Arabia CSR Forum event on 28 October, 2015


  • To promote the concept of partnerships and collaborations as an effective sustainability tool
  • To build capacity on effective partnerships
  • To provide research and analysis based on ACSRN’s extensive database
  • To create an open platform (website) where prospective partners can post partnership information and match resource and technical requirements
  • To support national strategies geared towards sustainable development
  • To support the Sustainable Development Goals through effective collaborations
  • To catalyze and support partnership actions through providing advisory services and linking like-minded partners with similar sustainable development focus areas

What is Sharaka?

  • A multi-lateral platform, under the umbrella of Arabia CSR Network
  • Open to public, private, NGO’s, NPO’s, Social Enterprises, business associations, universities and research institutions etc.
  • Regional Scope: Organisations operating in the Arab world or with subsidiaries, branches, partners operating in the region
  • Service based platform, not involved in project implementation

Focus Areas

  • Innovation
  • Social Enterprise
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production

The Seven Principles of Sharaka

Sharaka partnerships are identified as those that go beyond the normal business responsibilities of any individual organization. Business-as-usual should not be rebranded as a partnership.  Partnerships can be created with a limited short-term goal in mind, or to achieve longer-term outcomes. Both are valid but should be clearly understood by all parties. Partnerships can be between companies, across sectors and with civil society organisations.

The following principles provide the basis on which partnerships in this project are established.

Partnerships need to:

  1. Address and promote local, regional and global sustainable development needs and goals.
  2. Involve cross-sector stakeholders to leverage their expertise and capitalize on their resources to develop innovative solutions for sustainable development challenges in the region.
  3. Comply with international standards and based on good governance, ethics and transparency best practices. Align, if possible, with relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular goal number 17 related to partnership.
  4. Be financially sustainable so as to ensure optimal project financing and funds utilization.
  5. Be based on achieving an agreed set of goals and objectives related to sustainable development.
  6. Involve cross-sector organizations so as to sustain and scale the impact of the partnership and, if possible, its replicability.
  7. Show commitment towards the continuous improvement in project execution through fit-for-purpose monitoring and an evaluation model.